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The gravity of a life long fascination with the stock market was too strong. In 1980, Donald changed his major to finance and economics, obtained his securities Series 7 license, and began work at a small financial services firm in San Diego while continuing his studies at UCSD.


In 1982, he was recruited by an investment bank in Orange County to be part of a team to providing in house financial and wealth management to the firms clients. As a senior member of the personal financial planning division, he developed many innovative marketing strategies that have become staples of the financial services industry. He earned his CFP certification in 1986 and established his financial planning practice with two partners in Orange County, CA. Over the years, the focus expanded into pension management and employee benefits.

While studying the influence of politics on our financial markets, a lifelong career in financial services and private money management took an unexpected turn. This research revealed alarming threats to America’s national security and political structures embedded in it’s institutions and educational systems. Many of these were responsible for the cultural shifts that ultimately ushered in the ‘Obama Era’.

Grassroots political activism became the order of the day as Don organized outreaches to community leaders, law enforcement and local elected officials briefing them on a wide range of these issues.


Recognizing the need for the public and community leaders to hear directly from credible sources in the National Security community, he sponsored and produced the first National Security Briefing in Southern California in 2011. This annual series of briefings included consultations with National Security policy experts and former agency managers from the FBI, CIA and DOD.

Since then, this annual conference has grown in both attendance, speakers and breadth of topics to become a credible resource for National Security subject matter in the greater community.


In 2013, Mr. Dix co-founded the Unite IE Coalition, a network of 20+ conservative political groups throughout the Inland Empire region of Southern California, to better organize the messaging of conservative values and community activism. From a modest gathering in a coffee shop, this effort now includes…

– The Unite IE Radio show airing Saturdays at 4:00 pm on KTIE AM590 The Answer

– A monthly gathering of conservative leaders and community activists throughout the Inland Empire.

– Co-sponsorship of the Annual Unite IE Conservative Conference with AM590 The Answer, a Salem Communications Group affiliate. Past conferences have featured nationally recognized conservative icons including Dinesh D’Souza, Larry Elder, Ann Coulter, Carly Fiorina, Gov. Rick Perry, and Gov. Bobby Jindal.


Don’s work in the community and on the weekly Unite IE radio program opened the door to co-hosting a daily talk show with Jennifer Horn airing on AM590 The Answer, a Salem Media Group affiliate. The show features discussion and commentary on headline news from a conservative perspective.


Donald Dix is a conservative writer, radio talk show host, political activist who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under full scale assault from multiple threats.

Donald Dix is available to speak on a broad range of topics spanning National Security to current events. Presentations are geared to meet the audience at their level of understanding and knowledge, include historical, doctrinal, and ideological evidence based content and current events. Discussions end with what citizens can and must do now to stop the erosion of their rights, reclaim their political power and resume their role in the most important political office in the Republic, that of private citizen.

A brief conversation will determine the right mix of content to create a meaningful experience for your group.

Honorariums are determined on a case by case basis. He also requests that books and DVD’s he provides be made available for purchase. Not only does this help fund this work, but attendees benefit from their ongoing study of the topic.


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